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My obsessions are Dylan O'brien Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Holland Roden!!!
I also addicted to:
- Teen Wolf
- Hunger Games
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock
- The Maze Runner
- American Horror story
- Supernatural
- Once Upon a Time
- Spider-man
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Current emotion. 

Constant emotion.


I feel like when Jackson left for London and Allison went to France for the summer, Scott was probably studying the whole summer so Stiles and Lydia just hung out all summer and he filled her in on all of the supernatural stuff and they just got really close because everyone else was gone or busy. Yeah, I just think about that sometimes.

Not going a n y w h e r e.

                         Not without L y d i a.

Holland Roden // cute interview 







All I want to do is talk about Lydia’s contact pic of stiles

look at his dumb face lol

what a weirdo ≧◡≦

no but imagine stiles and lydia spending time together and lydia pulls out her phone and starts taking random photos of stiles and stiles is like no stop it but still smiles at her and he begins making stupid faces and lydia starts laughing uncontrollably and they both end up taking dumb selfies of themselves

Yet another check for their development. When did stiles & lydia exchanging phone numbers become a thing? When did stiles even get enough courage to ask for the digits? When did lydia get anywhere near comfortable enough to give them to him? They went from lydia not knowing his name, to texts, phone calls and skyping. The fact that they use all available forms of communication to keep in contact with eachother is so much love.

Also, take note as to how his name is actually spelled right.

I feel like the 4 months when Allison was away, was when Stiles and Lydia really started getting closer.

Dylan gets lost in the Maze


What kind of girl are you? Tougher than that.


I took my love down to violet hill

Why are you so scared of staying? I think it’s because you could see a future here.         A  h a p p y  one.