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Hi tumblr people!!!
My obsessions are Dylan O'brien Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Holland Roden!!!
I also addicted to:
- Teen Wolf
- Hunger Games
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock
- The Maze Runner
- American Horror story
- Supernatural
- Once Upon a Time
- Spider-man
*Stydia is my everything*


Get to Know Clara - #8  Traveling with the Doctor for the first time changed her perspective on her own world. We know Clara has spent her life dreaming of traveling, but never actually had the opportunity to go to any of the places she dreamed of. Her home used to be her whole world and suddenly she’s seen so much more and home seems so much smaller.

My Heart Is Open

There’s no need to worry when you see just where we’re at.
Just please don’t say you love me..

Sciles + same green shirt (✿◠‿◠) 


   [ part 1 ]


NEWS: Apparently someone hacked Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud! I beg you to not share these pictures! They are Jen’s private ones, so let’s try to protect what little privacy she has…poor Jen. :(

Peter Jason Quill, he’s also known as Star-Lord.


4x03 || 4x07

Stiles and Lydia + Elements [insp.]


my grandfather always had candy in his pockets, and one time when I got really sick and I was hospitalized my dad told him not to give me any candy. He pulled out his pockets to show he hadn’t even brought any and I got really sad but as soon as my dad walked out of the room he then proceeded to take off his hat and had 2 chewy chocolate candy toffees and 2 orange fanta toffees, and I’ll never forget the happiness and surprise I felt in that one moment in my entire life.


I used to be a tumblr user but now I’m a tumblr abuser


teen wolf + text posts (part 3)

am I a good man ?

am I a good man ?